AGM: Templeton Emerging Markets Investment Trust Annual General Meeting

At the AGM of the Templeton Emerging Markets Investment Trust PLC held on Thursday 13 July 2017, the Investment Manager, Carlos Hardenberg presented on the outlook for Emerging Markets and TEMIT’s current positioning. A summary of the transcript of his presentation, together with a copy of the presentation can be found here:

At the Meeting Shareholders voted in favour of all resolutions. Details of the voting can be found below:

Resolution No.Short DescriptionNumber of Proxy Votes LodgedNumber in Favour of Resolution (including votes exercised at the Chairman’s discretion)Number Against ResolutionAbstentions
1 “To receive and adopt the Directors’ and Auditor's Reports and Financial Statements for the year ended 31 March 2017” 138m (49.30%) 138.0m (99.99%) 8.7k (0.01%) 30k
2 “To approve the Directors’ Remuneration Policy” 138m (49.30%) 137.7m (99.86%) 190k (0.14%) 118k
3 “To approve the Directors’ Remuneration Report for the year ended 31 March 2017” 138m (49.30%) 137.7m (99.86%) 191k (0.14%) 112k
4 “To declare a dividend of 8.25 pence per share for the year ended 31 March 2017” 138m (49.30%) 138m (100.00%) 1.9k (0.00%) 16k
5 “To elect David Graham as a Director” 138m (49.30%) 137.9m (99.98%) 27.4k (0.02%) 82k
6 “To re-elect Paul Manduca as a Director” 138m (49.30%) 137.3m (99.50%) 690k (0.50%) 67k
7 “To re-elect Hamish N Buchan as a Director” 138m (49.30%) 137.2m (99.45%) 763k (0.55%) 67k
8 “To re-elect Beatrice Hollond as a Director” 138m (49.30%) 137.9m (99.98%) 34k (0.02%) 69k
9 “To elect Simon Jeffreys as a Director” 138m (49.30%) 137.9m (99.98%) 25k (0.02%) 64k
10 “To elect Gregory E Johnson as a Director” 138m (49.30%) 135.5m (98.23%) 2.4m (1.77%) 66k
11 “To re-appoint Deloitte LLP as auditor of the Company, to act until the conclusion of the next general meeting of the Company at which audited accounts are laid before the members” 138m (49.30%) 135.8m (99.71%) 398k (0.29%) 1.8m
12 “To authorise the Directors to determine the auditor's remuneration” 138m (49.30%) 137.9m (99.98%) 24k (0.02%) 41k
13 “To authorise the Directors to allot shares” 138m (49.30%) 137.9m (99.93%) 103k (0.07%) 45k
14 “To disapply pre-emption rights in relation to the allotment of shares by the Directors” 138m (49.30%) 137.8m (99.87%) 181k (0.13%) 60k
15 “To authorise the Company to purchase its own shares” 138m (49.30%) 137.8m (99.88%) 165k (0.12%) 43k
16 “That a General Meeting, other than an Annual General Meeting, may be called on not less than 14 clear days’ notice” 138m (49.30%) 136.2m (98.72%) 1.8m (1.28%) 26k