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Templeton Emerging Markets Investment Trust PLC (TEMIT) is an investment company listed on the London and New Zealand Stock Exchanges. It aims to invest in companies based primarily in emerging markets or deriving a significant amount of revenue from emerging markets, with the aim of delivering capital growth to shareholders over the long term.

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Base Currency of Fund: UK Sterling
Fund Size: £2,431.22 million (as at 31/10/17)
Benchmark: MSCI Emerging Markets Index
Launch Date: June 1989
Fund Manager: Carlos Hardenberg
(since 1 October 2015)
Dividends Paid: Annually
Performance: To view latest portfolio details click here


Morningstar Workstation Category: Global Emerging Markets Equity

Morningstar Overall Rating:



TEMIT's investment strategy is built upon the following Templeton cornerstones, which have been in place for over half a century.

  • Search Globally. The Group believes bargains have no borders when searching for the best investment opportunities.
  • Seek Value. They search worldwide for stocks selling at prices they believe are low relative to their true value.
  • Perform Fundamental, Bottom-Up Research. The Group conducts in-person company visits and perform extensive fundamental research to model a company's potential future earnings, cash flow and asset value relative to its stock price.
  • Practice Patient, Long-Term Investing. They evaluate a company's potential for earnings and growth over a five-year horizon.


Investors can invest directly through a stockbroker. TEMIT can also be held in a tax-efficient stocks and shares Individual Savings Account (ISA) or a self-invested personal pension (SIPP). An investment in TEMIT entails risks which are described in the current Annual Report. Please consult a financial adviser before deciding to invest.

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