Education/How To Guides

Investing can be daunting, so we hope you find the information in this section helpful but please remember this should not be considered advice or a  personal recommendation. If you are unsure  whether TEMIT is suitable for you, please do speak to a professional financial adviser. If you currently do not have a financial adviser, there are a number of resources online to help you. The tools on the websites below will provide you with details of financial advisers in your area*.

*IFA details are selected from the respective website databases and are not endorsed by Franklin Templeton Investments

When is the Best Time to Invest

Common wisdom suggests you should buy when stock markets are at their lowest point and sell at their highest. In reality this is almost impossible to achieve, but history gives us three lessons.

Watching From the Sidelines

Taking your investments out of the market may seem like a safe idea, but it can take a bite out of your returns.