Investment Strategy

TEMIT's drive for investment excellence in emerging markets is based on some core principles that have shaped our investment thinking for over half a century:

  • Search Globally. The Team search emerging markets countries worldwide, identifying compelling investment ideas at both global and local market levels.
  • Seek Value. They search worldwide for stocks selling at prices they believe are low relative to their true value.
  • Perform Disciplined, Fundamental, Company Research. Using our extensive network of investment professionals and disciplined research approach, we are well placed to uncover companies that offer sustainability, quality and growth potential at attractive valuations.
  • Practice Patient, Long-Term Investing. We evaluate a company's potential for earnings and growth over a five-year horizon, including an assessment of any risks that may prevent them from reaching that potential.​
We believe the quality and depth of our research, combined with our disciplined approach, offer the potential for strong returns across emerging markets.

Unparalleled Emerging Markets Experience

Chetan Sehgal is the lead portfolio manager of Templeton Emerging Markets Investment Trust (TEMIT). He has been a portfolio manager and senior research analyst for TEMIT since 2015. He is also a senior managing director and the director of portfolio management for Franklin Templeton’s Emerging Markets Equity Team.

Chetan has overall responsibility for all of the team’s global emerging markets and smaller company investment strategies. He is a seasoned investor, having been part of the Templeton Emerging Markets Group for more than 20 years. He leads the design, implementation and refinement of TEMIT’s portfolio.

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Chetan was joined by portfolio manager Andrew Ness on 17 September 2018. Andrew is a seasoned investor with over two decades of experience as an emerging markets equity portfolio manager, and a strong alignment with the investment approach and philosophy utilised in the management of TEMIT’s portfolio.

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The TEMIT portfolio management team are supported by an experienced team of over 80 dedicated emerging markets investment professionals located across 20 offices around the world. This experienced team of experts, with an average of 15 years industry experience, brings an extensive knowledge and local perspective to our proprietary research helping to uncover diverse, compelling and sustainable investment opportunities for investors. Additional assistance comes from a dedicated risk management group who are able to assess risk independently and objectively.

Franklin Templeton's Emerging Market Offices

Templeton Emerging Markets Equity Group Offices

Investments in emerging markets carry a risk to the value of your investment, Full details of the principle risks of investing in TEMIT can be found in the annual report.